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Lillie grows & glows

Lillie turns 6 months!

In October 2016 Laurel Thornton reached out to me to take her maternity photos. She was expecting her first child and she was very very excited about it. When I arrived I could tell from the start that Laurel was someone that not only wants professional pictures but also values them. She put a lot of effort into the outfits and gave me insight to her vision. Her due date was in December and I asked her the name for her incoming bundle of joy, she said her name is Lillie.

Three months later Laurel hired me again to take Lillie's 3 month pictures. Lillie was a natural from the start. She didn't cry much during the shoot at all. She seemed more interested in the camera than anything else :)

So last month I was brought back to do her 6 month photo-shoot. At this young age Lillie has had more photoshoots than most people. I was amazed how fast she has grown and how active she has become. I don't have any kids but it's been a joy doing these shoots and seeing how a precious human can evolve. Maternity/baby photos make a small portion of my business but the thing I love about capturing photos for babies is it teaches me patience. As a professional photographer you must have patience and you must solve problems. People think you just grab a camera and snap a picture. WRONG! You have to solve technical problems such as lighting, focus, and color temperature. However when it comes to clients who are self-conscious about how they look and when it comes to babies/kids you need patience!

Lillie was more active during this shoot so it was a challenge to get her to focus at times. Her mother Laurel and her godmother were great in providing assistance. Eventually Lillie settled down and began to enjoy the stage set for her.

I commend Laurel for the constant effort & willingness to document the growth of her first child and allowing me to capture it. In this social media era where pictures have become the norm the opposite has occurred, we don't document our families like we use to. We don't have photo albums or physical pictures anymore. Everything is digital and instant. Sometimes it's best to keep archives for your loved ones to cherish years later and Lillie's memory bank already has many deposits for her to reflect on!

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